With Allplan Share and Allplan (at least Version 2018), you benefit from more direct collaboration with design partners around the world on one and the same Allplan data.


For SP customers, we currently have the following offer: use the Allplan Share option free of charge for 90 days.
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02 Allplan Share - Requirements

In this Allplan Share video, we will take a brief look at everything you need to work with Allplan Share.

You need a computer that meets the minimum requirements for working with Allplan.  

The system requirements … can always be found here on Allplan Connect:

In most cases, of course, the easiest thing to do is to take the Allplan computer home from the office – if that is possible.  

Please note:

  • You may be working in the office without the Workgroup Manager option, but your Allplan projects are still on a server and not locally on your Allplan computer. In this case, if you want to take your computer home and use it for working with Allplan Share, please take the time to uninstall and then reinstall Allplan. When reinstalling Allplan, simply ensure that all paths are actually located locally on your computer.  
  • You may ask yourself: “Why do I need an Allplan-compatible computer in my home office; I want to use Allplan Share after all?”
    The answer: Allplan Share enables and controls your access to an Allplan project that is in the cloud – no more and no less. To open and work on the project, however, you need an Allplan-capable computer, just like in the office.

You need an Allplan license

And there we distinguish two cases:  

a. Case 1: You have an Allplan single-user license in your office

If you take your Allplan computer with activated Allplan single-user license home

from the office, you don’t need to worry about your Allplan license. If this Allplan license is active on your computer in the office, it simply “travels” home with you when you transport it and is active and usable there too. A single-user license is always activated on your computer until you actively return it.  

b. Case 2: You use an Allplan License Server license in the office  
If you use an Allplan License Server license in the office, you can temporarily borrow a license from it for a certain period of time and then use it at home. Important: Borrowing is best done in the office on your Allplan computer. This is important because borrowing requires a connection to the server in your office on which the Allplan license server is installed. For more information on how to do this, see the Allplan FAQ: License server – borrowing licenses temporarily .

If you already work with Allplan Workgroup in your office

… and want to take your Allplan computer with you to your home office and use Allplan Share there, it is important to checkout the computer from the office workgroup first. You can find all the necessary information in the FAQ: Workgroup manager – Checking out computer …

Allplan Share provides separate rights and access management for all members working on the same project – very similar to Allplan Workgroup.

And if you already use Allplan Workgroup in the office

…then please take a quick look at the Allmenu of your current Allplan installation before you start working with Allplan Share. At this point here at Local File Storage Folder, you should be sure to see a local path; something with C or D. If you have a network drive here, i.e. a hard disk that is not located locally on your computer, please call Allplan Support.  

You need stable Internet

Best is an interruption-free Internet connection. At least 10 Mbit/s for upload and at least 20 Mbit/s for download. The latency should be less than 50 MS. We recommend 50 Mbit/s upload and 100 Mbit/s download and a latency of less than 10 MS. How can you test these values at home? Simply enter the word speedtest in an Internet search engine when you are at home – you will find a number of free offers that you can quickly try out.  

A current network driver  

To ensure that working in the cloud runs as smoothly as possible, please check that your computer is running the latest driver for your network card. You can find your network card in Windows Device Manager and there under Network Adapters. If you double-click on your network card there, you will find a tab called Driver in the following window. Briefly check the date. Ask your IT department to check the driver status and update it if necessary.

LAN is better than WLAN

We recommend connecting the Allplan computer in the home office to the Internet router using a LAN cable if possible. This is because the Internet connection type WLAN may cause interference that has a negative effect on speed.  

Is your customer number correct in Allplan Connect?

Why is this important? This is important if you do not yet own Allplan Share and still want to purchase it. This only works if your Allplan customer number is correctly stored in Allplan Connect. Your Allplan customer number contains important data such as your office address and the association with your existing Allplan licenses, etc. You can find your correct customer number in Allplan HERE; in the Allmenu HERE and HERE you enter it in your profile in Allplan Connect.

Finally, the most important thing: the license for Allplan Share

You need an Allplan Share license so that you can edit Allplan projects in the cloud from anywhere. We’ll show you how to get one in the next few short Allplan Share videos

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