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Most frequent questions and answers

Our technical support team has been asked lots of questions by Allplan users over the years and our solutions have been stored in a knowledge database

What is the difference between ALLPLAN and Autocad?

Allplan is a BIM software from Nemetschek whereas AutoCAD is a CADrafting software from Autodesk. The difference between BIM and CAD is a much more apt question than trying to compare these particular pieces of software. In very short, BIM is accurately modeling in 3D every element of a building and using that model to document the building and/or its construction, whereas CAD is drawing very accurate representations of a building (or anything) as documentation.

A comparison of Allplan vs Revit, or Vectorworks vs AutoCAD would be much more appropriate. (Nemetschek and Autodesk products respectively).

How we export multifile pdf and multifile dwg?

You can easily export the content of any file in your Allplan multifile system to DWG or PDF. ALLPLAN has a very mature DWG export and import interface.

How does the multifile system update the model?

In ALLPLAN you can choose the location that parts of the model will be saved to. If working in ALLPLAN environment you can simply exchange Allplan drawing files in your multifile system. When working together with other software solutions you will only update the part of your model by importing IFC or by revision compare and updating you model by implementing the changes directly in the ALLPLAN Model.

Are there projects done in Vietnam with ALLPLAN following Vietnamese standard?

Yes, there have been some first projects in Vietnam where Allplan has been implemented. So far no problems where identified.

If we equip the teams with ALLPLAN, do we need to improve the hardware performance?

ALLPLAN needs less hardware performance than most other BIM software due to the smart multifile system. This means not the full model is active at all times which reduces the stress on the processor, Graphics and memory.

Can employees work from separate destinations, i.e. from home?

ALLPLAN has multiple Options for collaborating on projects from different locations
1. VPN Connection to Office server (your normal workgroup server in your office – requires workgroup license)
2. Allplan online server (Your personal company FTP server hosted in your office or online – requires workgroup license)
3. Allplan Share (cloud server hostes by Allplan – requires Allplan share license)

Can BIMplus also check the clashes?

Yes, Bimplus has a built in clash detection feature which will detect clashes between
– main building elements such as walls, floors, stairs and general building element objects
– general building objects / MEP
– Reinforcement
– Rooms
– Shells
– Windows/Door

Can we customize the rebars easily?

Yes, rebar type and steel grade can be easily customized. Our team will be happy to support you with this.

Automatic reinforcement possible? At least for standard building members

ALLPLAN has some standard members in the library for placing automatic reinforcement. Further tools for automatic reinforcement have been developed by GSI Vietnam and can be provided. Also these tools can be customized to the customer’s requirements if needed.

Cutting Rebars to the defined lengths? (Rebar waste calculation)

This feature is not yet available but is on the list of requested features with the development department. We expect this to be available in 2021.

Does ALLPLAN can use Vietnamese Standard?

ALLPLAN can be fully customized to your standards of drawings basically as any other BIM or CAD software. Drawings, Lists and Reports can be exported in vietnamese language. Allplan user Interface in version 2020 will even be available in Vietnamese language starting April 2020

They would consider to still use Revit because the Architecture library is very good and they use MEP

Currently there is no direct Import and Export feature for .rvt files in ALLPLAN. Yet this topic is in the ALLPLAN Development Roadmap and is expected to be available in the 2021 version in October 2021. For now Allplan will support any 2×3 IFC or IFC 4 Import and Export.

How about the ALLPLAN library?

ALLPLAN Offers a great Library Feature. You can import and save all kinds of templates to the Library. Allplan already be default includes a fairly rich library of architectural and structural objects such as steel profiles.

Does ALLPLAN support to connect directly with Etabs?

Does Allplan support to connect directly with Etabs?

ALLPLAN currently does not connect to Etabs. It is possible that there will be a connection in the future.

Currently ALLPLAN can exchange data with structural analysis software SCIA. Also ALLPLAN can import .asw files from analysis software which contains data on required reinforcement.

Rebars can be placed based on these files.

Does ALLPLAN support Analysis?

ALLPLAN itsself is not analysis tool. ALLPLAN integrates well with analysis software Scia whic is also a member of the Nemetschek group. Furthermore ALLPLAN BRIDGE offers structural analysis tools inside the software whic allow you to perform Bridge design.

Does ALLPLAN support MEP?

ALLPLAN does not include MEP features itself but supports MEP by using a Plugin called AX3000. This must be purchased separately.

Of course you can import any IFC MEP model to ALLPLAN or to Bimplus and collaborate with other parties in the BIM design process.

Does Allplan have Timber tool?

Allplan provides great timber modeling tools and a fully new roof modeling tool in version 2020. You can not only model roof planes but also roof structures.

How can I transfer the license permanently to a new computer?

How can I temporarily transfer the license of a registered computer to a different computer? How can I interchange the licenses of two registered computers?

If you activated allplan license online by entering a Product Key, you can return the Product Key and then use it for a different computer. You can return and activate the license only if the computers have Internet access. The computer where you want to return or activate the license does not have to be online all the time. It is enough if it is online while you are returning or activating the license.

Returning a license
To return a license in online mode

Open the ‘License settings’ dialog box: Services application -> Utilities -> License settings
Write down the Product Key for the license you are returning.
Click License activation on the left. Then click the license you want to return.
Click Return license.

You can now activate the license on a different computer.

Activating a license
If you want to transfer the license permanently, you can activate a license while you are installing Allplan or after you have installed Allplan. By activating a license, you connect the license with the new or other computer. As a result, you can start Allplan on this computer.
If you want to transfer the license only temporarily, install Allplan as a viewer on the second computer and
activate the license later.

To activate the license during installation:
Start Setup and follow the instructions displayed.

  • In the ‘Installation Option’ dialog box, select the ‘Enter Product Key’ option and click ‘Next’.
  • Enter your Product Key.
  • Click ‘Activate license’.

To activate the license after installation:

  • Open the ‘License settings’ dialog box: Services application -> Utilities -> License settings
  • Click License activation on the left.
  • Enter your Product Key.
  • Click ‘Activate license’.

Here comes a practical example:

If you want to use a Product Key for running Allplan on two or more computers, you must use computer A to return the license before you can use this license with computer B. To return the license, open the Services application -> Utilities -> License settings -> Return license. If this computer always uses the same Product Key, you can find this Product Key in the box below License activation. This box always displays the last Product Key entered.

If you switch between several licenses, it is a good idea to save the Product Keys used in a text file on the desktop. This way, you can copy the Product Keys quickly and easily to the license settings.


You can also find your Product Key in Allplan Connect. Go to
Click Profile -> License administration.
Only administrators can use this function.


I would like to install Allplan, which requires a Product Key. How can I install Allplan or activate the Product Key later?

Allplan is using since version 2016 a new protection system. Licensing is based on CodeMeter by Wibu Systems AG since then. You can no longer use Softlock or hardlock with Allplan 2016 and higher.

Allplan requires a Product Key. Using this key, you can activate your license online. The Product Key is a unique, 26-digit character string. You can use it to activate a license for Allplan.
You can find your Product Key in Allplan Connect. Go to
Note: The license is downwards compatible till version Allplan 2016 even if a higher version is displayed.

You can activate a license while you are installing Allplan or after you have installed Allplan. By activating a license, you connect the license with the computer. As a result, you can start Allplan on this computer.

The easiest and quickest way to activate a license is to do this online. In other words, the computer has Internet access.

To activate the license during installation:
Start Setup and follow the instructions displayed.

In the ‘Installation Option’ dialog box, select the Licenser activation option and click Next.
Enter your Product Key.
Click Activate license.

To activate the license after installation:

Open the ‘License settings’ dialog box: Services application -> Utilities -> License settings.
Click License activation on the left.
Enter your Product Key.
Click Activate license.


You can find your Product Key in Allplan Connect. Go to
Click Profile -> License administration.
Only administrators can use this function.

Step-by-step guide as a film:
You can watch a film about the new licensing system. To do this, go to:

Download HERE

During installation of license server the message appears ‘installation failed’. What could be the reason for it?

Check the following points:

  • The license server must be installed in a 64 bit windows system. License server is not working on 32 bit system.
  • Make sure the license server setup is saved local on the machine and is not executed over network
  • Stop the real time check of your virus scanner or stop the virus scanner complete during installation. Optionally stop the firewall as well – attention in most cases you have to reboot the server in order to take over the settings.
  • Run the *.exe file over context menu -> run as administrator.
  • If the license server installation still fails: The reason could be NET framework. License server uses NET framework 4.6 and in newer version 4.7. If there are components missing the setup will automatically try to install them. This happens in the background. It will be connected to webpage of Microsoft and the missing files will be downloaded and installed. If a proxy server is blocking this page the download cannot happen and the license server installation fails. In these cases you will have to configure the proxy server settings to allow the Microsoft URL. Microsoft URL has to be trustworthy. Start installation of license server again.

After successfully installation of license server you will have to connect via internet again in order to activate the license. If using proxy allow the access of the following URLs as well.

What if the computer on which the license was loaded was damaged and it was necessary to format it without first returning the license?

In this case, please contact the distributor directly for detailed information on remote license return from the damaged computer.

How to convert a project to an earlier / current version?

The Allmenu application and functions are used for this: Conversion -> Convert data to current / previous versions.

My computer does not have Internet access, but I would like to activate the license with the Product Key. What can I do?

The easiest way to activate and return Allplan licenses is to do this online. In other words, the computer has to have Internet access. However, you can also activate Allplan on a computer without Internet access (offline licensing). Offline licensing is particularly useful if some Allplan computers in your office do not have Internet access and do not use a license server either.

If the computer without Internet access and the computer with Internet access are neither close to each other (for example, the computer in the office has Internet access, but the computer at home does not have Internet access) nor connected with each other (for example, using LAN), offline activation is not very suitable, as you have to access both the computer with Internet access and the computer without Internet access.

Requirements for activating a license offline:

  • You have a valid Product Key.
  • You have installed Allplan on the computer without Internet access (for example, as a viewer).
  • You have another computer with Internet access.

Important: Activating a license offline involves two steps. In addition, you need to upload a receipt file so that you can return the license offline later.

There are the following basic steps:

  • Creating and uploading the license request file
  • Downloading and importing the license update file
  • Creating and uploading the receipt file

Download Activating license offline​

Can I install ALLPLAN 2019 version if I have a subscription for a 2020 license version?

Yes, you can always downgrade 3 versions. This means with a 2020 license you can install 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017. You can install all versions at the same time but you can only use one version at a time. So if you open a project in 2020 you cannot open a project in 2019 at the same time.

Does GSI have professional trainings where I can learn ALLPLAN?

Sure, German software intelligence has a professional Training Centre in which you can join our professional trainings and receive an ALLPLAN Certificate.

For companies with specific need GSI also provides tailored trainings based on the company’s requirements. For more information regarding the cost and schedule of trainings please contact GSI directly.

Get in touch with us > | +84 28 7106 2555


Can I learn ALLPLAN by myself?

You can learn ALLPLAN by yourself but we recommend you to to join some of our training classes or online webinars to get the best user experience and to fully benefit from the great features that this software offers.

If you want to lean Allplan you can download Allplan 30 days free trial or if you are a student you can apply for a student license. We is constantly posting new content on their channel to enable users to learn ALLPLAN.  Allplan Asia Youtube Channel > 

Allplan Tutorials 2020 > 

Can I create features myself in ALLPLAN using programming knowledge?

Sure, ALLPLAN offers a programming interface for Python programming language. You can create your own apps called Allplan pythonparts which can help you to automize processes.

Features created by Allplan users: ALLPLAN PYTHON PARTS


Can I automize processes in ALLPLAN without programming skills?

Sure, ALLPLAN provides you with a built in visual programming tool called “visual scripting“. For more information on this please follow the link to the feature demo video HERE 

What kind of drawings can I create with ALLPLAN?

ALLPLAN allows you to create all kinds of drawings without limitations.

Due to the strong rebar functions of Allplan it is especially powerful in creating rebar shop drawings. For sample drawings follow this link


Can Allplan provide Quantity Reports?

Yes, Allplan has very powerful reporting functions. To view some sample reports  HERE 

Of course all reports can be exported in different formats including Excel and PDF. | +84 28 7106 2555

Can ALLPLAN Import and Export files from other software?

Yes, ALLPLAN has extensive import and export functionalities including DWG, IFC, PDF, Images, Rhino, Cinema4D, etc.. For a detailed overview please follow this LINK



What is the price of an ALLPLAN license?

ALLPLAN has a very competitive pricing scheme. The price for a license depends on the features and options that you need. With ALLPLAN you only pay for what you need.

Please feel comfortable to contact our friendly sales team at GSI. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Therefore we will make sure that you receive an offer that matches your requirements.

* TIPs: Join our webinars and win some discount vouchers. Follow us HERE

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Which ALLPLAN license is the best for me?

This question is not so easy to answer as this really depends on your requirements. To provide a simple answer:

  • ALLPLAN LINEAR: You only need 2D and 3D Cad functionality
  • ALLPLAN ARCHITECTURE: You need BIM functionality but not rebar detailing
  • ALLPLAN ENGINEERING: You need BIM functionality and rebar detailing

Of course our GSI Team will be happy to discuss your requirements and find the best solution for you.

Meet our sale Team >

Get in touch with us > | +84 28 7106 2555

What is Allplan License Server?

ALLPLAN License Server is an option that can be purchased additionally to each license. If the license server option is purchased with a license the license will become a floating license and can be used by different people in your company. This is recommended if users do not use the software most of the day or they just need to use it once in a while.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of ALLPLAN?


ALLPLAN is one of the most powerful tools for BIM Reinforcement Detailing. As ALLPLAN is a CAD and BIM Software in one solution. It also has great features for creating high quality drawings. As you can easily create complex geometries Allplan especially excels in civil engineering and infrastructure.


Allplan has no built-In M&E design functionality. This can be purchased an Add-ON called AX3000.

What are some features that make ALLPLAN different from other BIM Solutions on the market?

ALLPLAN has been developed for over more than 50 years so it is a solid and proven product mainly for architects, engineers and contractors. ALLPLAN is a CAD and BIM Software in one solution. ALLPLAN organizes data in a project instead of a file. ALLPLAN uses a multifile system inside the project to minimize the impact on the performance. This enables the user to create large models even with heavy rebar detailing. ALLPLAN works with the Siemens Parasolid Modeling Core which enables to create nearly unlimited complex shapes which can also be reinforced.

What is Bimplus?

Bimplus is a FREE online cloud platform in which you can upload your Allplan projects and collaborate within a BIM Workflow. Bimplus offers some great features such as:

  • BIM Model Viewer
  • Revision Compare
  • Clash control – Task Management
  • Document Storage
  • BIM Model Management in Excel
  • Many more useful features.

What is Allplan Share?

Allplan Share is an option that you can purchase additionally with your ALLPLAN license. With this Option you can store your projects on the ALLPLAN Cloud server and collaborate on the projects from different locations. The user rights for each user will be managed within Bimplus.

What is Allplan Bridge?

Allplan Bridge is a Standalone application and license type for parametric Bridge modeling and bridge analysis you can use without Allplan Architecture or Engineering. This tool is great in the concept design of bridges as you can react very fast to changes in the gradient and height levels. If you plan to design your bridge further such as rebar and formwork design you will need to purchase an additional licenses for ALLPLAN ENGINEERING

What is Allplan Engineering?

Allplan Engineering is an Allplan license type. With this license you can enjoy the full 2D and 3D CAD functionality of ALLPLAN. With this license type you will also have the full BIM modeling functionality including most of the Allplan Engineering functions and additionally the full power of 3D Rebar.

What is Allplan Architecture?

Allplan Architecture is an Allplan license type. With this license you can enjoy the full 2D and 3D CAD functionality of ALLPLAN software 2020. With this license type you will also have the full BIM modeling functionality without rebar modeling. Furthermore, you will have visualization options like rendering.

What is Allplan Linear?

Allplan Linear is an Allplan License Type. With this license you can enjoy the full 2D and 3D CAD functionality of ALLPLAN software. With this license you do not have BIM functionality.

Why can’t I create elements? Why can’t I move a drawing? Why are elements not created correctly?

Check whether an offset is set in the project settings (File -> New Project, Open Project-> select the project and open the shortcut menu -> Properties; Allplan 2009 and earlier: Tools -> Options ->Advanced Draft -> Settings)If there are offset coordinates, clear the check box.

Select Tools -> Measure(->)Coordinates.
Click in the middle of the drawing in plan view.
If there are very large values (for example, x/y/z greater than 5000 m), you have found the reason for these problems.

The system has problems calculating and displaying data with very large coordinates. The more data you have with very large coordinates, the greater this effect.


If the data are still not displayed correctly, do the following:
Exit Allplan -> Services application-> Service -> Hotline Tools-> cleanup -> start Allplan.

Download PDF  FAQ_EN_Large_coordinates.pdf

Is multiple copying possible as it works in AutoCad?

We can use the All menu application and the function: Data archiving -> Create -> Whole catalogs -> Projects. After this operation, we receive two files, which should then be transferred to the target computer and run the Data archiving function -> Load -> Projects.

I got a 3D building model in dwg format, is it possible to make reinforcement in such a structure? Will I be able to create a report on the amount of concrete or masonry?

Allplan allows you to reinforce not only architectural objects, but also 3D solids – material and type of works created in Allplan or imported 3D solids can be added, which will allow them to be later included in the bill of materials reports.

Is the Allplan software available in local language? How can I switch Allplan from German to English?


Allplan 2018 is the first version to include English in the license by default.
This means that by installing Allplan 2018, you automatically install the English version too.
As a result, you can switch languages using the Services application.

Important! This switch only applies to the program itself.
The content of the defaults (standards and country-specific content) does not change and is still in German.

Before starting Allplan, you can select the language using the Services application.
To do this, select Configuration -> Language. ‘Current setting’ shows the language currently selected.
Select the required language in the area at the bottom, that is, English.
A German default license only includes German and English.

Allplan now starts in English.

After installation, start the Services application-> Configuration -> Language. Select the required language.

and in 2020, we will have Allplan in Vietnamese.

Is this software suitable for the Vietnamese market?

Yes. We are customizing for Vietnamese market. You can find the allplan pythonparts for TCVN.

Example: Tool tạo thép 3D tự động cho dầm theo tiêu chuẩn Việt Nam từ mô hình IFC bằng Allplan

– automated reinforcement
– automated measurement and levels
– automated labeling

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