Central license management​

For offices equipped with several Allplan workstations, the License Server is a modern license management system that offers you economical use of all the Allplan licenses in the office.


Allplan License Server provides effective management and optimum use of your licenses. The license server allows secure access to licenses in the corporate network, while offering flexible usage for licenses outside the office. When a user starts the program in the network, the license server is queried for a free license. If available, the network provides the user a license to Allplan. Then when the user is finished, the license is checked back into the server and is made available to other users.


Flexible security

With the Allplan License Server security protection, dongles which may be lost or stolen, are no longer necessary. The License Server can be administered via the web admin settings from a client network. Thus, the server can also be situated in the secured server room. The individual clients can be assigned different usage rights. For example, users can be granted the right to enable only the workstations that they actually need. Optionally, they can also be granted the right to import licenses from the server to their own computers so that they can use them beyond the network.

Economical use of licenses

The purchased licenses are installed on the server and are thus available to all the clients in the network. This leads to savings even with just a few workstations since all the necessary licenses do not have to be installed on every single client. Licenses that are not permanent can also be used by other client computers. The server licenses can be deployed very flexibly: either online in the network or offline for work outside the company. To do this, the client computer imports the necessary license from the server. Furthermore, using a network client, licenses can be “checked out” for a computer outside the network.

Convenient administration

The Allplan License Server lets you manage centrally the licenses for all the workstations in the company network. Licenses can be registered conveniently using a graphical user interface (web admin settings). Available licenses are clearly displayed with the current status. Various filters are available on the Allplan License Server for keeping tracking of processes. This way, you can always determine who uses which licenses and when and whether it was online or offline.

Terminal server

The Allplan License Server can also be used on terminal servers.


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