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Allplan Share is based on the BIM platform Allplan Bimplus and offers you additional functions, such as the Model Viewer, the task management tool, Task Board or audit control and much more.

The combination of Allplan Share with Allplan Architecture or Allplan Engineering and an Allplan Bimplus account, enables effective collaboration with planning partners around the world directly on only one Allplan project. With Allplan Share, you can reduce your administrative and personnel costs. In addition, costs for procurement, installation and maintenance of a local server are eliminated, since the data is stored in the Allplan Bimplus cloud.

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Convenient use

Allplan Share controls the central organization of CAD and the layout of  workstations. It creates clear coordination benefits in planning and design offices. Work is made easy just as it would be on a normal single user workstation. In addition to the data and project availability in the Allplan Bimplus cloud, the central user and project management is a significant advantage.

Edit projects at the same time

Allplan Share makes it possible for several users to simultaneously access a project, even if they are not part of the same local area network (LAN). Local networks can consequently be expanded to include individual work stations. The data transfer between the locations occurs via the Allplan Bimplus cloud. Allplan Share allows you to connect and link to several local and external work stations with each other. All participants access the same data state of the project in the process. This optimizes and supports flexible office structures.

Clearly regulated access rights

Roles and access rights are clearly regulated for all project participants through the central user and project administration of Allplan Bimplus. This ensures that only authorized users can manage, change or view projects.

Reliable data protection

The security of your data is our top priority. That is why we, at Allplan Share, place particular value on comprehensive protection. The data transmission is secured against unauthorized access by means of encryption.

Guaranteed data integrity

Within an Allplan version, it is ensured that all Allplan data is identical down to the last detail and no information gets lost. Allplan Share works with the original Allplan data to avoid loss of information.

Automatic synchronization

Selected Allplan data is automatically transferred into the BIM coordination model of Allplan Bimplus and can be additionally processed further. The models in Allplan and in the BIM coordination model of Allplan Bimplus are also always synchronized.


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