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Watch our video series to see how Allplan supports your everyday workflows throughout all design orientated project phases.


No two days of an architect’s daily work look the same. However, every project goes through the same stages in both the design phase and the construction phase, irrespective of the type of project. 

Through our software we support your daily workflows, throughout the entire project, with features and tools designed specifically to enhance productivity and efficiency. The time saved across the design phase enables architects to spend their time creatively, designing outstanding buildings that are more than just functional. 

Based on typical design phases we prepared a video series, showing just how easily you can work with Allplan from sketch to planning application via volume modeling to 3D components and BIM including calculations and relevant reports.

For every project phase, Allplan offers you a wide range of benefits - watch videos now!

Project Preparation

Project Preparation is about deciding the scope and feasibility of the project. Establishing the client’s vision and goals for the project – as well as the scope, features, and functionality of the building – is the first step.

Typically, an architect will also investigate the building site and existing terrain to determine what is achievable within the current regulations.

Quickly Get Started

Start your project with all the site regulations clearly integrated to optimize your design. Import various formats and data from Planning Authorities, clarify project framework conditions, and quickly get started. Save time and avoid double work, with PDF files conveniently transformed into elements.

Understand Your Site

Start from the begining with your existing construction site features. Rapidly transform site information in the form of contours or points into realistic and precise digital terrain models. Visualize, understand your surroundings and appreciate the actual conditions on the construction site for a better design quality.

Concept Design

In the Concept Design phase the basic schematic design of the proposed building takes place. In terms of Building Information Modeling (BIM) stages, this is the Level of Detail (LOD) 100 phase. For many architects this is an exciting time, as this may be the most creative phase of the project.

Allplan enables architects to efficiently create visually appealing designs and conveniently evaluate iterations.

Optimize Site Plans

Easily visualize 2D plans, individually design and quickly add features such as shadows to optimize the representation of your design within the site plan. Enhance your site plan deliverables, introducing realistic aspects to improve the quality of your design.

Maximize Site Potential

Rapidly create design footprints with initial design shapes. Easily and simultaneously compare variants to instantly evaluate your first drafts. Improve your initial decision-making process through visualization of options within your construction site.

Evolve your Design into a Volume Model

Easily bring your concept to life with powerful and flexible tools to rapidly implement your design ideas and vision. Benefit from either working in 2D on your footprint, such that the 3D model is created simultaneously or directly work in 3D. Easily move to working in 3D whilst benefiting from 2D working views.

Developed Design

At the stage of Developed Design, the schematic concept is taken forward and developed further, involving specialists such as structural and building services engineers, or landscape architects. Walls, openings, and roofs are added, and the floor plans and sections are considered to determine the building’s dimensions, horizontally and vertically. At this stage, parametric components come into play, allowing the Architect to model the building in the next Level of Detail, LOD 200.

Allplan offers many automated tools that enable architects to rapidly refine the existing model of the proposed building.

Transition from Concept to Component Design

Move quickly from concept to your developed design with automated tools. Easily build up a components based model from your volume concept. Accelerate your design work using realistic and intelligent components to be able to refine your design rapidly. Benefit from object based planning through the BIM working method.

Develop Individual Roof Variations

Conveniently focus on roof designs to evaluate design options and ensure compliance with standards. Benefit from a variety of roof modeling options such as quick changes or negative slopes. As the roof is linked to associated objects such as walls and facades, they automatically update when the roof design changes.

Benefit from Powerful Tools for Views and Sections

Easily access and prepare the views and sections you require to accurately produce your plans and layouts. Visualize and present your designs, check constructability and bring floor plans together in the vertical design dimension. Benefit from powerful tools to rapidly produce drawings in the style and format you require. Save time as changes made in your model are automatically updated in your views and sections.

Detailed Design

The detailed design stage is where the design is finalized, and decisions are made about the building’s materials, fixtures, and services layout. In terms of BIM, this is the LOD 300 stage. This phase is accelerated by quick addition and customization of different building elements.

Allplan offers parametric tools to model commonly used building components. Objects are detailed in a realistic manner and attributes added to specify information.

Easily Detail Parametric Opening Designs

Apply the detail to your design for your planning application and buildability checks. Take advantage of powerful parametric tools to design windows, doors, etc. Create individual designs to your standards and easily replicate across multiple openings. Rapidly apply changes across all instances – change one element and your design automatically adjusts.

Design and Manage Intelligent Room Finishes

Benefit from intuitive programing. Room finishes are intelligently applied to rooms in their entirety rather than as individual elements. This enables finishes to be managed centrally, so that changes can be easily applied, saving time and minimizing errors. Finishes automatically react to the room they are assigned to defined by rules and settings. Access accurate calculations based on a dependable and logical approach.

Create Realistic Interiors

Apply realistic elements to furnish your designs. Easily implement library elements to quickly design room interiors, easily replicate across your project and instantly derive inventories on each room.

Apply Intelligent Dimensioning

Benefit from the flexibility of dimensioning in several ways to best suit you. Easily apply dimensions to your model to quickly check your designs or automatically apply dimensioning. Swiftly implement office standards, with dimension lines automatically updating if objects change.

Manage Design Changes

Manage changes across your designs with intelligent parametric adjustment of objects. Apply changes universally to implement design modifications within seconds; for example on openings, room finishes or dimensioning.

Planning Application

The final stage before construction is to obtain all the necessary permits and to create all the construction documentation that is required for the bidding process, such as the construction drawings, calculations and technical specifications.

Reports such as quantities and costs, door lists, or floor areas are easy to generate from the model in seconds, making obtaining information for permits or bidding simple. 

Creating detailed construction layouts from the model is a straightforward process by extracting the views and sections needed or adding in custom information and reports to the drawings with one click. 

Manage Rooms and Units

Conveniently analyze individual rooms or groups of rooms, such as apartments to instantly overview floor space. Calculate space for investment purposes or inventory elements assigned to rooms and ensure standards compliance. The powerful quantity takeoff enables ultimate flexibility.

Evaluate Initial Costs

Rapidly model cost estimates based on reports such as door lists, windows, finishes, building materials, etc. Benefit from reports that you can use instantly or export into the format or layout you need. Quickly understand cost frames and evaluate options.

Verify Statutory Requirements

Apply relevant regional norms, where available, for automatic generation of specific calculations for your building application, such as the German DIN 277. Norms for application relevant numbers are installed by default on your plans.

Compile Final Application Plans

Easily produce your drawings in a presentation style suitable for all your needs, such as schematic design, presentation drawings, construction or application plans. Benefit from quick and intuitive tools to deliver superior representation all based on your model. Parametric title blocks save time and support your documentation and layout preparation.

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