With Allplan Share and Allplan (at least Version 2018), you benefit from more direct collaboration with design partners around the world on one and the same Allplan data.

For SP customers, we currently have the following offer: use the Allplan Share option free of charge for 90 days.
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01 Allplan Share - Introduction

Welcome to our small video series on the topic: Allplan Share.  Or: How can I access my Allplan projects from almost anywhere in the world?  

Would you like to work with Allplan in your home office, but have never done so before and wonder how to do it? For example, do I need a CAD computer at home with the right version of Allplan – just like in the office? Do I have to take my Allplan projects home from the office and import them there? And how does that work anyway? And won’t the projects I take home exist twice? One in the office and one at home? And what about my colleagues; do  they also have to take all their Allplan projects home? And what about collaboration on the same project – does that somehow work when everyone is at home or is that not possible at all?

Allplan has developed a holistic solution for all these questions: Allplan Share  

What is Allplan Share: Allplan Share is an option that your office can purchase from your well-known Allplan sales partner. It is tailored to your needs and is available for 3, 12, 24 or 36 months.  

What does this Allplan Share license do for you? It’s very simple; it enables anyone with an Allplan Share license to move Allplan projects to the cloud and work on them as usual. Depending on the available Internet speed, you may not even notice that the project is in the cloud. This makes it very easy, for example, to work on the same Allplan project with several people from different locations.

By the way, Allplan uses Allplan Bimplus technology as the cloud.

Are you wondering how many Allplan Share licenses do you need? The answer is simple: anyone who wants to work on an Allplan project in the Cloud needs an Allplan Share license in addition to the regular Allplan license.  

To ensure that no questions remain unanswered, we have put together everything you need to know in a few short videos – just take a look. 

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