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With Allplan Engineering Building 2021, we offer you a future-oriented BIM solution for engineers. 

BIM and digital twins, as well as the trends towards larger projects, more sophisticated geometric shapes, greater detail development and more dependencies, are substantially increasing the amount of computing power required. For this reason, Allplan Engineering Building 2021 was developed with a focus on optimum performance.

Also, the software is characterized by high performance, especially in the area of cross-team collaboration, and thus contributes to greater efficiency and productivity in day-to-day work. The openBIM approach supports smooth, interdisciplinary cooperation with project partners. There are various improvements for engineers, including views and sections, reinforcement and country-specific adaptations. Moreover, there are also new features in the area of steel construction and structural analysis for bridge construction.



Significant time savings in many areas

Through a variety of adjustments, a fundamental acceleration of various work processes was achieved, which significantly improves the handling of large, complex and detailed projects with many associations:

Opening a project and editing drawing files
Modeling of free-form geometry
Speeding the process of complex components
Reinforcing objects
Views and sections

Allplan Share

Improved teamwork with Allplan Share

With demanding projects, the waiting time could already occur with only one user. In combination with teamwork, the requirements increased significantly since the changes of many users have to be processed almost simultaneously.

In order to reduce communication via the Internet to an absolute minimum when using Allplan Share, up- and downloads and queries that are not absolutely necessary have now been consistently avoided through change tracking and intelligent caching of files and information. Further acceleration could be achieved by using multi-threading and switching to mass operations. All in all, working with Allplan Share enables you to work productively even with limited Internet connections.


Various innovations in the field of reinforcement

Allplan Engineering 2021 provides functions for subsequent splitting and reconnecting of rebars, for example, for inserting or moving openings or for considering concrete pours. In addition, the functionality for placing reinforcement along one and more paths has been optimized: Negative concrete covers, negative projections, and offsetting to edges with several path elements are now also possible.

As a result, the arrangement of reinforcement in challenging situations can be controlled even more precisely. For area reinforcement and polygonal layouts, you can add additional fold lines at a later date and efficiently reuse complete reinforcement layouts via the clipboard or via the library. And when rearranging reinforcement mark numbers, you can now work with tolerances. This combines similar bending shapes and improves the clarity of steel lists and construction site logistics.

Visual Scripting

Optimizations for the nodes

In Allplan Engineering 2021, existing nodes for Visual Scripting were optimized and new nodes were added. Allplan objects can be selected interactively for editing. The filter functions have been extended and there are new options for assigning, modifying and removing attributes. Instead of using the library, nodes can now be inserted directly by double-clicking on the canvas. This speeds up the creation of scripts considerably. The shape, dimensions, position and material of structural objects can now be controlled using Visual Scripting.


Attribute improvements

Attributes can now have the status “undefined”. This enables you to see immediately which attributes are already assigned and reduces the risk of incorrect information. Allplan attributes now also support formulas so that values from other attributes can be combined or calculated. This reduces the input effort and inconsistent information is avoided.


Office standard for BIM-compliant operation

Allplan 2021 offers the new BIM EASY office standard, which supports BIM-compliant operation. It contains ready-to-use wizards for architects, engineers, planners and detailers with predefined format properties, attributes, and building structures that can also be customized.


Optimizations in IFC exchange​

Allplan Engineering 2021 extends the analysis of BRep geometries and openings during IFC import. As a result, more native Allplan building components such as walls, ceilings, columns, and, if necessary, with the corresponding openings can be created. This significantly improves the quality of the imported IFC models. When exporting IFC, you can also choose whether objects are exported as before as – optionally with support for free geometry (NURBS) – or as BRep geometry.


Transformation of structural models into analytical models

In conjunction with Allplan Bimplus, a new model converter, SCIA AutoConverter Light, is available (Serviceplus or subscription contract of Allplan 2021 or Allplan Engineering Building 2021 required) that can intelligently convert building models into analytical models. Using the new Structural Analysis Format (SAF), the analytical model can be transferred to various structural analysis systems. This enables openBIM and a much better collaboration between architects, structural engineers and designers.


Technical Preview: Direct import of Revit files

For the first time, the direct import of Revit files is possible within the scope of a Technical Preview. This means that Revit models can be imported into Allplan and used without first converting them to IFC format. During import, native Allplan objects such as walls, columns, ceilings, beams, windows, doors and roofs are created.

When importing DWG/DXF files, UTM coordinate transformation is now possible in expert mode, including direct selection of NTv2 files.

Allplan Bimplus

Interaction of Allplan and Allplan Bimplus

To optimize the interaction between Allplan and Allplan Bimplus, you can now start the BIM Explorer directly from Allplan without any intermediate steps. This makes it possible, for example, to view your own model together with models from other disciplines (e.g. MEP) and place them in the overall context. In addition, downloading reinforcement from Allplan Bimplus for further detailing in Allplan is now supported.


BIM-aided design

Allplan enables you to build virtually first then in reality, indicating any errors and conflicts early even during the design phase, avoiding delays in construction.

Design freedom

The powerful Parasolid modeling kernel from Siemens, which is integrated in Allplan, offers greater freedom when creating 3D models.

Highest visualization level

The integrated CineRender from Maxon enables you to create high-quality visualizations intuitively and efficiently directly from Allplan.

Precision down to the working drawings

Drawings are derived from the BIM model and are therefore always up-to-date. Additionally, the powerful layout and design tools offer maximum precision when generating drawings.

Reliable quantity takeoff

Benefit from maximum reliability in quantity takeoff; room schedules, floor space calculations and door lists which are generated from the 3D model.

Smooth data exchange

To ensure smooth reliable data exchange with planning partners, the software includes high-quality interfaces with all conventional exchange formats, including DWG, DXF, DGN, IFC4, and PDF.

Flexibility of application

Software is flexible in your individual design processes, from purely two-dimensional working drawings through to the object-oriented BIM working approach.

Optimized teamwork

You can collaborate on a project within an office and also across multiple locations. Together with the cloud-based platform Bimplus and Allplan Share, the multidisciplinary coordination of BIM models becomes reality.

Rapid productivity

A modern and intuitive user interface facilitates role and task based working enabling you to rapidly learn and become more productive.


It is also ideal for use on particularly powerful, high-resolution monitors (4K/UHD monitors with 3840 x 2160 pixels and more).


Allplan Share

With "Allplan Share" you benefit from a direct collaboration with planning partners around the world with one and the same Allplan data. It is based on the BIM platform Allplan Bimplus and also allows the direct connection to other tools via the open API.

Allplan Workgroup Manager

Allplan Workgroup Manager assumes the organization of CAD work stations in local networks (LAN) as well as via Internet. It creates clear synergy effects in medium-sized and large planning and construction firms.

Allplan License Server

Allplan License Server provides effective management and optimum use of your licenses. The license server allows secure access to licenses in the corporate network, while offering flexible usage for licenses outside of the office.


Engineers can create models quickly, detail concrete reinforcement efficiently and generate quality-working drawings in one solution. Increase productivity:

> Efficiently and accurately model and reinforce building structures

> Up-to-date documents and professional visualizations

> Precise materials take off for accurate costing

Test the full version of Allplan 2021 for 30 days free of charge and with no obligation. Simply download the software and experience all the advantages for yourself.


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