In the last period, we have witnessed huge fluctuations in the real estate market as well as the construction industry in general and after these big fluctuations, the construction market will enter a new phase, which would have many difficulties and challenges. Nevertheless, this phase will also open up a lot of new opportunities.

This is the proper time for companies to access new technologies and techniques to prepare for the new development phase of the market. Therefore, CIC cooperates with ALLPLAN of Nemetschek group from Germany and GSI to organize a technical seminar with the title

“Applications and methods for a new era in construction”

This is a special event in Vietnam because it brings together many leading experts in the Construction Technology industry such as:

Mr. Ramons Steins – Director of ALLPLAN Singapore, APAC
Mr. Ta Ngoc Binh – BIM Committee
Mr. Luong Thanh Hung – Vice Director of CIC
Mr. Daniel Bacon – Technical Director of gbc engineers
Mr. Woei Shin Tan – Precast Specialist of ALLPLAN
Mr. Nguyen Khuu Trong Luat – BIM Manager of Coteccons

Joining this event, you will have access to the latest technology topics such as:

1. Draft roadmap for BIM application submitted to the Prime Minister in 2023
2. Precast concrete – the future of the construction industry
3. Collaboration workflow and pre-designed BIM
4. Automating the layout of reinforcement by BIM
5. Increase efficiency with parametric design for technical infrastructure works
6. Sharing about how Malaysia moved to precast concrete factories

This seminar will be suitable for business owners, technical heads and deputy heads, and civil, transportation and technical infrastructure engineers.

The number of participants are limited, so register quickly to receive tickets of the seminar and have a chance to receive attractive gifts from the organizers at the ALLPLAN 2023 launching event.

[The registration form is now closed. Thank you for your interest.]

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